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  • Tech problem prevention and resolution

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What does it do?

The askWhizz APP aggregates a set of remote diagnostic and troubleshooting tools, as well as allows direct access to your dedicated technician, consultation of the status of your repairs, sharing of resolution scripts, equipment optimization utilities, includes a preventive monitoring, among other features that guarantee the robustness of your equipment, whether or not you have the support service active.

Ensures solving?

We solve 86% of cases in the first contact by chat or phone. When remote support is insufficient, even with all our unique support tools, we have in-person services 24/7 throughout the country, at home and in a specialized electronics laboratory. In the rare cases where we don’t solve it, we carry out the credit.

How much is it?

Simple, the APP is free, the services you want may have costs. By downloading the APP, you have immediate access to a chat system that puts you in contact with a technician or a technical team at no cost. Then, if you are satisfied with the service, you can subscribe and use our technical community to help you in any situation, with our team working for you, continuously and preventively or just occasionally.

What does it fix?

We solve problems and support the use of all technological equipment: Windows and Mac computers, networks, security, mobile phones, tablets, IoT, drones, Hi-Fi, appliances, TVs, consoles, kitchen robots, etc, etc. We act on the software and hardware, in and out of warranty, regardless of where you bought it.


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9,99/ solution
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I want to highlight the excellent professionalism, friendliness and efficiency of your collaborator Gonçalo Teresa, for the way he solved my problem.
I want to congratulate you for the added value that this employee offers your company.

Verónica Coelho

Having been faced with problems on my computer that prevented receiving e-mails, I appealed today to the support of that Service, having been attended by the technician Mr. Daniel Saraiva.

The way in which the problem was eliminated and the clarifications given to me about its cause and the procedure to avoid similar situations deserved my greatest appreciation for the behavior of the aforementioned gentleman. Thus, in making this known, I would like to express my gratitude for the good service provided by PCM.

Jaime Teixeira

Good evening, just to praise the service provided by João Moura technician from NOS.

It was flawless and didn’t give up on helping me solve the problem

Thank you Vasco!

Vasco Raposo

Good morning,

It was to thank the attention that was given by Daniel Rodrigues, once again, in the configuration of my new PC to the NOS network.

Daniel was efficient and even patient, for me, an “oldie”, not used to technology.

Thank you and good work.

Maria Marça

I hereby express my appreciation for the patient, delicate, correct, effective and even kind manner in which I was treated by Mr.João Moura. My congratulations to him-evidently-and to NOS for being able to count on this collaborator.

Unidentified costumer
Dear Mister




I would like to praise the professionalism of your collaborator Ricardo Fonseca. An excellent professional, patient and assertive, in solving a problem with the configuration of the Wifi network, in my house.


Professionals of this caliber should be praised and recognized internally in your structure.

Thank you very much.


Tiago Jacob, Your Content Goes Here